Sweden won the Sprint Relay

At the EGK O World Cup Final in Grindelwald, the Sprint Relay was won by the Swedish team. Sweden also won the Overall Nations Relay World Cup. Switzerland finished third today and second in the overall.

At the EGK O World Cup Final in Grindelwaald, the Sprint Relay offered some surprises. Both the first Swedish and the first Swiss team were disqualified. Sweden due to entering of a forbidden area and Switzerland for a missing punch. Both teams were leading the race before that.

Nevertheless, it was still a Swedish team who became the winners of Sunday‘s Sprint Relay. Sweden 2 with Helena Bergman, Martin Regborn, Oskar Sjoeberg and Sara Hagstroem won the Sprint Relay in the streets and alleys of Grindelwald with a total running time of 57:48 minutes. Nine seconds behind, the Norwegian team took the second place. With the second Swiss team taking the third place, the Swiss eventually had a reason to celebrate. The team with Julia Gross, Fabian Hertner, Daniel Hubmann and Sarina Jenzer only lost 23 seconds to the winning team. „Normally, the first team is stronger, but now we were able to step into the breach“, Julia Gross from Zurich said as a representative for her team.

In the Overall Relay World Cup, nothing could have really changed the top positions with this final race anymore. Already before today‘s Sprint Relay Sweden was the sure winner of the Nations Cup. The Swiss team had no troubles defending their second place either. Only in the fight for the third place there was a change. Thanks to the second place in Sunday’s Sprint Relay, the Norwegian team was able to advance to this position, overtaking the Russians.

The Sprint Relay took the 29 teams through the village of Grindelwald, situated at the foot of Eiger. As had already been the case with the Long and the Middle Distance races the days before, the Sprint Relay was characterised by a lot of climb. The course of 3.5 kilometres included 100 metres of climb.

The Sprint Relay marked the ending of the EGK O Worldcup Final. For three days, the best orienteers in the world had come to Grindelwald in order to - for the last time in this season - compete against each other. The organisers of the EGK O World Cup Final are the association of Swiss Cup. Having the health insurance company EGK as a presenting partner and the Jungfraubahnen and BB Biotech as main sponsors, the organisers are lucky to be able to count on great support on part of their partners. Already next spring the world orienteering elite will be competing in Switzerland again – at the European Orienteering Championships in Ticino.